Mining Division

The Sage Hen claims are located within the Oreana Trend, a consistent ancient seabed that extends down over 1000 feet giving rise to an active mining area known to contain significant precious metals and offer a unique low risk development opportunity.

Mining Division

The Sage Hen Mine

640+ Acres

An assemblage of claims in the Oreana Trend encompassing a minimum of 640 acres that will be owned 100% by SSMG.

Enhanced Recovery Systems

Significantly increased recovery results are achieved using existing, proven, off-the-shelf equipment combined with patented/trade secret processes. No caustic extraction by-products.

Low Risk Development Opportunity

The Sage Hen claims are coated in an active mining area known to contain significant precious metals a numerous mining operations.

40+ Years of Experience

The mine owners and management team have over forty years combined mining experience and will work together to fully develop the mine.


Extensive prior geological work in the area and on the subject claims have indicated consistent impressive results.

Projected Income

Projected annual net income from the 100 ton/day and 1,100 ton/day operation is $269 million and $3.2 billion respectively using the enhanced recovery system.

Planning & Operations

Getting into Production

In concert with the immediate field surveys and permissible claim development, SSMG will commence the required 90 day permitting process to obtain a five-acre disturbance permit on the 640 acre development site to build a 100 ton/day Pilot Plant.

This facility will be expanded by an additional 1,000 tons per day for a total of 1,100 tons/day at the conclusion of an additional six- month permitting process and concurrent with other ongoing development approvals.

The target source material is directly mined from surface, and based on geology and previous testing, is likely consistent to a depth of at least 1000 feet.

The operation is not hard rock, shaft- driven mining but is, rather, minimally invasive. The operation will require limited heavy equipment, minimal excavation and no caustic extraction byproducts.

Raw ore will be crushed and rolled to a very fine material processed using proprietary chemical and mechanical technologies. SSMG will utilize experienced mining operators, contractors, technology patent/trade secret owners/experts, and equipment specialists.

Claims Location

Map of the Oreana Trend

The Sage Hen claims are located adjacent to the Relief Canyon Mine within the Oreana Trend.

Projected Net Income

Projected net income is based on prior assays and testing.
Values below represent 49% of SSMG's annual net income.

Conventional Recovery

Gold and silver only with gold @ 0.84 oz/ton and silver @ 4 oz/ton

100 Tons / Day


1,100 Tons / Day


Enhanced Recovery

Gold @ 2.86 oz/ton, silver @ 1.4 oz/ton, platinum @ 0.4 oz/ton, palladium @ 5.1 oz/ton, rhodium @ 0.9 oz/ton

100 Tons / Day


1,100 Tons / Day


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