January 31, 2023

Western Sierra Resource Corporation Announces Expansion of Mining Projects

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Steamboat Springs, CO -- (January 31, 2023) – WESTERN SIERRA RESOURCE CORPORATION (OTC: WSRC) provides this weekly project update.
During the last two weeks of mobilization and ongoing operations at the California Twitchell Dam and Reservoir Project, the Company’s officers have been on site in meetings to specifically address immediate project priorities relative to recent California weather events. WSRC’s officers have likewise met with the CEO (Clifton Turley) of Silver State Mining Group (SSMG) on location in Arizona to discuss operational strategies for the Sage Hen Mine and the addition of a new Processing Project in Arizona.

Now that the first mitigation project is underway with MSL as a wholly owned WSRC subsidiary, the resulting multi-year net scheduled contract revenue combined with an enhanced borrower profile for the Company, has created additional opportunity for capitalization of the Company’s other projects; among them, the Sage Hen Mine and a new Arizona Processing Project.

This new Arizona Processing Project would draw and process material from several locations in Arizona for recovery of precious metals. The addition of this project will allow SSMG to initiate production within 60 days of funding and enable SSMG to generate revenue concurrent with development of the Nevada Sage Hen Mine location.

The Company (in June 2021) acquired a 70% Stake in Silver State Mining Group (SSMG) and its Sage Hen reserve evidencing commercially recoverable Gold (AU), Silver (Ag), Platinum (PT), Palladium (PD), and Rhodium (RH). The Company, in concert with Silver State Mining Group, is currently working to establish a $12 million, 100 ton per day enhanced processing facility for direct development at the Sage Hen site.

About Western Sierra Resource Corporation:
Founded in 1907, Western Sierra Resource Corporation (a Utah corporation), has 116-year history as gold and silver mining company with projects in Arizona, Nevada, California, and Mexico. The Company’s mission objective has been adapted to grow as a multifaceted, natural resource company with its focus on innovative methodologies for conservation, restoration, preservation, and beneficial use of water, land, agriculture, minerals, and energy.

True to this mission, in September 2022, the Company acquired 100% of Mitigation Solutions, LLC (MSL), now a wholly owned subsidiary of WSRC. With the acquisition of MSL by WSRC, MSL’s Principals have joined the WSRC management team. Scott Hastings was appointed to the WSRC Board of Directors and became its Chief Operating Officer. Jeff H. Jones was named Special Advisor to the WSRC Board of Directors. MSL’s Principals and team members bring a combined 200 years of disaster response/relief, mitigation, and restoration experience to the Company. MSL has, since September 2022, successfully contracted, and initiated the 7-10 year, $1.5 - $2 Billion Twitchell Dam and Reservoir Mitigation Project in Santa Barbara County, CA, which has commenced under the Federal Declaration.

Forward Looking Statements:
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