Western Sierra Resource Corporation
Resource Management is the Responsible Utilization of Time, Materials, and Knowledge. Western Sierra Resource Corporation Strives to Provide Value and Benefit for its Shareholders and Global Community through Responsible Stewardship of Natural Resources and Conservation Technologies.

Mineral ResourcesPrecious Metals

Assay Reports in Place -- NI-43-101 (Gold Standard) Reports being commissioned as further validation of value.
Monetization possible through both "in-ground" values and development
Professional Third-Party Management and Operational Expertise
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ConservationTechnologies Division

MPG's AWG (Air-Water-Generation) -- cost effectively providing water to communities otherwise lacking in sustainable water resources
MPG's Water Amplification Project -- Water Recycling and Clean-up Technologies effectively facilitate agricultural production and augment potable water resources
MPG’s HVAC / Refrigeration / Industrial Motor Technologies --- Reduces Largest Global Consumption of Electrical Power by up to 50.0%
MPG's Air Purification and Sanitization Technologies --- HVAC Retro-fit effectively reduces power cost and provides 99.997% Pathogen Eradication in commercial buildings
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ExpandingWater Rights

Over 4,000 acre-feet of ancient water
Deep Artesian wells with delivery and storage infrastructure in place
Multiple project applications
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Quick Overview
The Project Numbers
Here are a few quick stats on the projects.
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