Western Sierra Resource Corp



Western Sierra Mining Corp (WSRA) - Changes Name and Releases Video of Hemp Operation

Western Sierra Mining Corporation (WSRA), a 111-year-old Utah corporation, has changed its name to Western Sierra Resource Corporation to reflect implementation of a new operation that re-brands the company as a producer of high-quality CBD and broad-spectrum products derived from industrial hemp. The sole purpose of this corporate name change to Western Sierra Resource Corporation is to more accurately describe the company’s transition from mining activities to natural resource development. Acquisition of 100% of Western Colorado Farming Initiatives, LLC in Palisade, Colorado, enables the company to take advantage of the emerging market for innovative CBD wellness, nutritional, personal care, and beverage products.

This strategic move by WSRA into a wide range of revenue generating, high yield agricultural applications for its land and water resources has involved nearly a year of planning, development, and execution. The founders of Western Colorado Farming initiatives, with more than 20 years of experience in organic farming, product development, manufacturing, marketing, and retail sales are eminently qualified to lead this operation as members of Western Sierra Resource Corporation’s management team. Video footage of the Palisade site may be accessed

Watch the video of the Palisade operation here.

Upcoming October harvest photographs and videos will be provided in press releases to follow.